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Chat Safety

1) Do not give out any of your personal information including your social media ID’s, phone numbers and email addresses. Keep your personal information private at all times.

2) Do not ever meet anyone in real life. That is extremely dangerous. Please do not ever do it no matter how much you trust the person you are chatting with. We cannot emphasize this point enough. Just don’t do it.

3) Do not use suggestive usernames or profile pictures. We do not suggest you use your real photo. Other users can use that to search for your other social media profiles online. It is best to choose a random picture as your profile avatar. Having said that, it is also against the rules to use another persons profile picture.

4) Do not reply to anyone who might be bullying you. These people are just looking for more attention from you. It is not worth it to continue on a discussion. Report them to a moderator and put them on ignore.

5) Take scheduled breaks. Give your eyes and mind a rest. Do not spend too long in the same seating or standing position. Get yourself active. We do not recommend spending more than 20 minutes without taking a small break. We know sometimes things can be addicting. We recommend you have a timer or stopwatch to remind you of the breaks you should take.